Lyn The Looker Part II

As my one-and-only-lonely commenter stated, that nickname is gonna stick. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: Although it may look like it, these two are not engaged. It’s amazing how grad pictures can quickly look more like engagement photos when the boyfriend tags along :P He was a good enough sport I guess.

As badly as I want to, I’m not gonna post the jumping photos that Reg HATES. He was right ticked when we showed him the previews. Just savin’ em for one of those moments when humiliation is absolutely necessary.

Pouuuring rain and still she smiles for me!

Been eyeing up these buildings for awhile. Might have to re-discover them sometime when the weather is more co-operative.

Somebody is too cool…

STUNNING I tell ya!

And now for a few a little bit of artsy fartsy stuff…

Oops. Looks likes I’m outta time…got a flight to catch! This may or may not be it folks!

PS: Apologies on the BLUR… What the hang! I’ll figure that out later!


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