This Is Why I’m Lucky

Unpack one suitcase, do a load of laundry, repack. That’s what it’s been like for the past month or so! Extremely busy but pressure is one way to accomplish a lot in a little bit of time :)

Below are some shots from the wicked weekend I spent ripping around the states. Last weekend was a little trip out to Alberta, some hiking and “scrambling” [where you crawl up the rock face of the mountain-kind of a big deal for this prairie girl], and so on and so forth. Off to Montreal to make some more memories with 2 of my good buddies. I absolutely ♥ life.

Flyin into Vegas

Quick little souvenir/lunch stop just off the strip in Vegas

Not a reaaal big hot dog fan but this one was actually pretty decent :P

@ Hoover Dam

The Grand Canyon

Mexican mush in the ADORABLE little town of Williams, Arizona [on the way back from Grand Canyon]

Next day: pulling into the gorgeous red-rock mountains of Sedona, Arizona.

Steak and Beans and Really Good Potatoes

Blackened Salmon with Mango Chutney and Really Good Potatoes

Driving along through the town I noticed a bunch of lights and thought it was a festival [Cinque du Something was on]… we pulled in and here it was a wedding! And was it ever a pretty setting. It was like this little section of the town that looked like Italy…

We were in Sedona on the night of the Supermoon. Anybody else hear about that? It was 5x larger than normal… ok I may be a bit off on my facts. It was BIG. Hidden behind the mountains it gave their silhouette’s a pretty sweet looking glow [unable to capture very well on my wee iPhone].


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