A Wild Week

Last week I turned the big 21. When I wasn’t playin’ hookey and rippin it up on the Boeing 737s [I ♥ WestJet], I was playin’ major catchup at our bustling little workplace. A day-trip to Vancouver, then a weekend going from ridiculous Vegas to the amazing Hoover Dam, to the gorgeous Grand Canyon, to the cute little town of Williams, to the big flippin’ city of Phoenix, to the inCREDIBLE Sedona Mountains and back to Calgary in time for a Sunday supper… it was a whirlwind but such a good time. Countin’ my lucky stars… I have a pretty alright life I’d say :)

Got a few little shots stock-piled and you can bet your boots they’ll make it on here soon enough.

Sooo for my 21st we decided to take a lil ol day-trip to Vancouver. We arrived in YVR bout 930am and were home in YQR by 1030pm. Not baaad.

Our favorite thing is sniffing out wonderful little restaurants in whatever city we visit. Mmm this little piano bar was no exception


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