My Beloved Bedroom

This is my bed for those of you who couldn’t put 2 and 2 together. I’ve loved all the canopy beds on Pinterest so I had dad help me (ok no, he pretty much just did as I told him because I am not so great with the carpentry) make a wood frame and hang it from the roof with rope. Then I wrapped the burlap around, mounted the christmas-y lights, and put some sheer curtains (nother thrift shop purchase) over the top. And of course, a girl’s gotta have her throw pillows :D It’s so cozy; I just love it. Unfortunately, the burlap still smells (read below) so I had to take that down temporarily until I find a cure.

These are the burlap curtains that for some reason, decided they needed to wreak of formaldehyde. So as pretty as they look hanging around my bed, the stench is enough to give ya an instant headache. I literally washed them in vinegar, baking soda, and detergent (and not all at the same time, separate loads for each cleaner) and hung them outside. That didn’t work so I bought 5 JUGS OF VINEGAR and soaked them overnight in the tub (believe me, my brothers complained about this) and then hung them out on the line for a full day. That didn’t work either but it did produce kind of a cute shot. So if anyone has any brilliant ideas to get rid of the formaldehyde smell, feel free to enlighten me!

I just love roses. Preferably without the cheesy babies breath and other nonsense. Just plain roses. And I also love the globe because it represents TRAVEL. And that mirror I found at a thrift shop and can’t get sick of it.

I made these displays from old wood I found laying around the farm. Spray painted them gold and 2 different shades of blue. Then screwed them straight into the wall (the benefit of living in the rumpus room…no one cares about the walls). On the left I did a photo montage of great moments. I decided to throw in the mirror and put together the bouquet real quick because I felt like it needed some variety. On the right (the gold chunk) I have photos of my stylish grandparents when they were younger. I don’t know if they were trying to be stylish but they are rockin’ it. Also pictured is the filing cabinet I spray painted blue and some paintings I did in highschool.

This is my closet and yes I am a geek for having it color-coordinated. I love having everything out in the open. It makes it way more fun to try put together an outfit.


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