Tous Que J’adore

Once upon a time… I had big dreams of being a photographer. I was extremely passionate about the art and spent MANY hours dabbling in it. However, as the [gulp] … years have gone by, I’ve kinda realized that it’s something I love more as a hobby than as a career. My dreams have shifted into other areas of creativity and while I still get a natural high from capturing a beautiful picture, it’s no longer my numero uno. It’s not that I am uninspired. Ho no, that ain’t possible when ya have Pinterest and endless blogs at your fingertips. But between a full-time job (that it’s a family company can sometimes mean that it is a little more involved), my family, friends and a few hobbies, the days just disintegrate. My head hits that pillow and BAM, I’m out. Consequently leaving little time for photo shoots, sorting, editing and preparing photos for the blog. SO. That being said, I’ve been thinking about how I always feel guilty for how empty and behind it always is! If I read the past few hundred posts, most of them are apologizing for the lack of content. So instead of apologizing my life away, I have decided to switch things up.

I don’t need a fancy camera (not that mine is much of anything anyway!) to share the awesome things in my life. Heck, I got my iPhone and Instagram… good enough for me. Tous que j’adore means “all that I adore”. [Sidenote: On my Europe trip this summer, my bilingual friends were helping me come up with a name for the vintage boutique that I haven’t yet opened. Someday…? Who knows!] Anyway, I love that little saying, just rolls off the tongue, and that’s why you’ll see it stamped on my everyday photos. Course there’s going to be the things that I actually don’t adore about my life that I’ll post too… just for humor’s sake. If ya can’t laugh at life and its curveballs, you’re in for a long old haul.

Anyway to get to the point, if you care, you should see a lot more flowing through this wondrous blog. I’ll try to throw in the odd photo photo post now and then too (with actual decent stuff) but yes, expect some changes. Starting with this goofy picture of myself in my floppy hat. Whatever, I love it. I wish it was normal to wear hats all the time but let’s get real, I work in the grain biz :D

Ok, enjoy!

(Yes this is an infamous car shot. Seat belt and all… Embarrassing, I know.)


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