Food, Food, Food

Probably once you skim through this post you’ll assume all we’ve done on our holiday is eat… which sometimes seems like it isn’t too far from the truth! We’ve loved tryin’ out different foods and the whole shebang, but shockingly we have managed to squeeze in the odd touristy thing between our meals. For some reason though, my favorite shots always turn out to be the food ones so there is a bit of imbalance on my blog. Maybe once I get home I’ll dig harder and post more of the more interesting things! But for now this’ll hafta do.
We are loving every spec of our trip! It has been a bit of a gong show here and there but so far everything sorta worked out :) We spent a fair bit of time in Ireland and fell in love with it. The people were beyond hospitable and super lovely. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any more beautiful, we discovered Scotland! Wow. Just sayin, if you ever get the chance to go to Edinburgh, don’t pass it up. I could rave about it for days. Then we flew down to London where we’ve been with my cousin. Tomorrow we go to Venice! So yeah life is pretty dang good :)

PS: Scuse the blur of some of the shots… Still fine tuning this iPad thing for uploading. I’ll giter someday!

At Castle Cool (spelling)… where, clearly, all the cool kids hang out :)

The town of Eniskillen, Ireland where we spent quite a bit of time

We pretended to help out with the milking at a dairy farm one night. Super fun.

Hard to leave this Irish hospitality! Can’t rave enough about them and their awesome fam.

The longest Monday morning of our lives! 5 am after about 3 hours of sleep :) And girls still smilin’ like champs!

Ferry Food… Hard on the tummy!

The only restaurant in Monikie, Scotland, the “town” that the Affleck Castle is closest to. But this place was adorable and had yummy food!

Gorgeous partners in crime, helped me find the Affleck Castle!

View from Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. This city blew my mind! So beautiful!

Traditional Scottish Dish called Haggis… Mixture of sheep stomach, intestines, liver, etc. Yep we tried it. Not a big fan!

Where the Queen lives, and where Prince William and Kate had their famous wedding kiss

This stuff brings ice cream to a whole new level…

The London Eye at night… During gay pride weekend, hence the rainbow colors. Scuse the blur… Coulda used a tripod!

Big Ben all lit up at night


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