London and Ireland

Let me start off by saying that this post is only happenin’ cuz I’m a little jet lagged so it doesn’t feel like it’s really 2am or whatever it is! Does not feel like I’ve only been traveling 2 days. Monday was spent shopping in Toronto with an overnight flight to London Gatwick. Once there we had pretty much the whole day to kill (although it was 4am or something ridiculous like that, our time!) so we took a train to Brighton, London. Perfect way to spend the day and wonderfully sunny so even though we were exhausted, it was amazing!! Then an evening flight to Belfast where we were picked up and taken to a home with unreal hosts. Hot shower and cozy bed were just what the doctor ordered. Today we had a little sleep in followed by a day trip to Dunluce Castle (a castle built on a cliff where part of the building fell off while the aristocrats were having a ball) which was fandoubletastic. So stinkin’ beautiful on the coast of Ireland!!! The sun was shining as well which we are told is not a regular occurrence. Then we checked out Giant’s Causeway which is also fascinating. Enjoyed coffee at “Wee Cottage” and supper (well, over here they call it tea) at a yummy yummy restaurant in a town called Portrush. Tons of luscious greenery, winding roads, cliffs… better than I could ever have imagined and it’s only the first day in Ireland. Definitely loving me some Irish accents too. I looooove Ireland.


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